Life is short, Love what you do and do it often.

Amanda puts people at the heart of everything she does

Her aim is to be of service, and to make a difference to the people and organisations she encounters. Intrigued by uniqueness, she loves to curiously observe and intuitively understand what makes people and organisations think, behave and act as they do.

Her expertise is in generalist Human Resources, Management Development, and High-Performance Coaching which is her true passion. She has led teams for over 30 years and draws on her own management and leadership experience to support her clients.

Amanda is a qualified coach, accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), a Mental Health First Aider Certified by Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA), a Grief First Aider, certified by Cruse, and a qualified Human Resources Professional – Chartered MCIPD.

Amanda has coached initially in house and then externally for as long as she can remember, even before she realised that what she was doing was actually coaching.

In 2007 she received some external coaching herself as part of her own personal development and decided in that moment, that making a difference to people through coaching was what she had to do in life.  In 2010 she followed her heart and qualified as a professional coach at the Oxford School of Coach Mentoring

As a coach she loves to support managers to explore their strengths, mindset and behaviours to increase their skills in the pursuit of success and achievement. This focus had led to her clients finding improved confidence, high performance, promotion, or occasionally even a change in career direction.  Most of all they find a greater sense of self belief and fulfilment.

Amanda’s career as a Human Resources professional began in 2003.  Her HR experience covers the full employee lifecycle.  Her main areas of focus have been Employee Engagement, Learning and Development, Performance Management, Organisational Change, and Employee Wellbeing.  She also works with associates who she will recommend to you if you need help outside her areas of expertise.

As a Certified Mental Health and Grief First Aider, she has also assisted numerous people to return to work and feel valued and productive after long term illness or poor mental health.

Amanda has worked in house or as a consultant internationally, in many sectors; Science, Technology, Energy, Hospitality, Property and Building Consultancy, Local Authority, Housing Associations, Motor Trade, Retail and even Sports.

She loves helping people and organisations to understand what they need, to work through their challenges, to become unstuck, and find positive solutions, delivering high performance to achieve their courageous goals.

“A change is brought about because ordinary people, do extraordinary things”
Barak Obama