Our thanks to our clients for enabling us to be part of their world for a short period of time.

Here is what some of them very kindly had to say.

I can’t recommend Amanda enough, as someone who was quite skeptical, I stand corrected. I felt I connected with Amanda, she listened and gave practical and achievable advice that has helped me both personally and professionally.

Lauren Goodwin - Head of Finance, One Manchester - March 2024

Amanda is a brilliant coach - hugely experienced, kind, intuitive & supportive. You feel she’s fully on your side. She’s a great listener & is very astute - she helps you pin-point areas that may be holding you back. You leave feeling energised & clear about what to do next. I worked with her during a change process & she helped me clarify what I wanted & to go for it! Thank you Amanda.

Tanya Rahman - Director of Strategic Partnerships, Carbon Technology Research Foundation - April 2023

Amanda is not only a lovely person, she's also a brilliant coach. I knew within a few minutes of meeting that she would be the perfect coach for me - empathetic, deeply intuitive and perspicacious.

Amanda helped me transform my career: I was completely stuck in a rut with no clear way forward; a few sessions later and I'm happier, more confident and have a new career path -and it's all thanks to Amanda. I really can't thank nor recommend her enough!

Dawn Geatches - Computational Scientist and Impact Manager, STFC - June 2022

Amanda was a brilliant coach. With her kindness, empathy, and practical guidance adapted to my specific issues, she has helped me learn a lot about myself and how to better use my strengths to achieve my objectives.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to unlock their full potential and thrive at work.

Lucie Togni- ESG / Sustainability Senior Manager, World Energy Council - June 2022

Amanda is an excellent coach.

I particularly appreciated her skills around the softer side of coaching, in particular confidence-building. She was very adaptable and able to support on a wide range of issues.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance and support on their career journey.

Liz Prinz - Insight Manager, Women in Sport - March 2022

Invaluable - the coaching has not only helped me realise my strengths and values, but to take practical steps to make sure my career is well aligned with them.

Elin McCormack - Royal Society Research Fellow, RAL Space - December 2021

I found Amanda to be a reassuring combination of supportive and challenging, which helped me to better understand myself. The definition of my values, my strengths and my "why" have changed the way I look at my work life and ambitions for my future.

I feel more confident and motivated to pursue positive change in my work world, directly as a result of my sessions with Amanda.

Hannah Newton - Project Manager, STFC Daresbury Laboratory. December 2021

My coaching sessions with Amanda were transformational. Her calmness, insight, and perspective enabled me to articulate real goals, identify what was holding me back and make sustainable changes. Our sessions renewed my energy in all aspects of my work.

She is truly remarkable at what she does.

Sorcha Bangham - Head of Human Resources OXGENE. January 2021

Amanda came in to our business to support it through a change cycle. She immediately added value and was a great asset throughout the entire process.

Highly skilled in her field and completely professional she will add value and make a difference in whatever scenario she is involved with.

Paul Brigden - Managing Director SDS/SRL / Operations Director Mitsubishi Motors UK. December 2020

Amanda is an amazing coach and HR professional. Her calm nature and genuine interest in everyone she meets make her one of the most empathetic and warm people I have ever worked with. She quickly establishes relationships and goes above and beyond to deliver what is needed.

A joy to work with

Gill Crowther - Managing Director at Great Managers and General Manager HR & Facilities at Mitsubishi Motors UK. December 2020,

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amanda in both a professional and personal capacity and I couldn’t have wished for a better coach.

Amanda is calm and ultra intuitive and her coaching style is adaptable depending on the needs of the team or individual.

I worked with Amanda through a period of transition in our marketing team where she coached me towards achieving a significant promotion, work towards professional goals and elevate my confidence and delivery in that area.

Her style is warm and nurturing balanced by positively challenging and exploring different approaches, which really broadened my thinking and encourages a growth mindset.

Amanda also coached me towards making key career changes and choices of work, helping me identify my real aspirations and strengths which has helped me to continuously develop in my career.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Amanda, her passion and experience across different business functions and levels of management is clear. I would thoroughly recommend working with Amanda for any coaching needs and particularly in the area of unlocking potential of individuals.

She’s truly brilliant.

Gemma Hembrow - Marketing Manager - B2B. December 2020,

Amanda is not the first coach I have worked with, but she is undoubtedly the best. A natural encourager, she empowers and inspires in equal measure, giving you the confidence, freedom and permission to explore possibilities you had only previously dreamed of. She then employs a range of creative techniques to get very best out of you, and helps you take the necessary steps to turn those dreams into reality.

Every session I have done with Amanda has been valuable, insightful and above all, great fun. Thanks to her I am well on my way to achieving a major life goal that will eventually involve a complete change of career. She helped me to recognise how important this goal was to me, gave me the confidence to pursue it and then patiently guided me through the steps to make it happen.

Her coaching sessions have quite literally changed my life.


We rarely get the opportunity to spend time thinking and talking about strengths, weaknesses, fears and personal ambitions with someone who is skilled in subtly helping us to focus on what matters most to us.

To begin with, I didn't know what to expect and doubted the sessions would be especially helpful. I was wrong and am very pleased I did them.


I found coaching with Amanda to be very inspirational and thought provoking. It really identifies your own set of values and enables you to adapt and manage other personalities.
I found the coaching sessions I had to be invaluable, and I learnt loads from it. I thoroughly recommend it!


It is not often that you actually think about what you are good at and what your strengths are. This session gave me the opportunity to really think about what I love doing and where my strengths lie, not only at work but also transferring this to my home life too. It felt strange at first to talk about myself, but Amanda made me feel relaxed and comfortable and she drew out my thoughts and I opened up very quickly.
At the end I was pleasantly surprised to see the connection between all the things we had talked about, forming a pattern of what my strengths and loves were.
I reflect on this session quite often, especially when I am thinking about where I am going and why I am doing certain things.